Up To 3 Early Intervention Program

Center for Persons with Disabilities
Web site: http://www.upto3.org/


Up To 3 is one of 16 early intervention programs in Utah, contracted with the Utah Department of Health, to provide services under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), Part C. This program is housed at the CPD and provides services to families with infants or toddlers below the age of three who have disabilities, developmental delays, or a diagnosed condition that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay. Up To 3 services are available to Utah families in Rich, Box Elder, and Cache counties.

The mission of the Up To 3 program is to enhance a family's capabilities and self-confidence to nurture their child's growth and development. Program staff use family-centered practices that support the philosophy that a family's concerns, values, priorities, and resources should establish the framework for the services provided. This process results in the development of an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

Population Served

Children, birth to 3 years, and their families

Training Activities

Training activities are available at three levels of involvements: 1) observation only, 2) supervised participation, 3) activity preparation and implementation. Following an orientation and 4 hours of general observation, the IDASL students will develop an individual participation plan with the Up To 3 program coordinator. Students will need to read and sign a confidentiality and ethics statements before observing or participating in the Up To 3 program.

Observation Only (This level does not allow you to review child/family records)

Supervised Participation (The student will be directly supervised by an Up To 3 staff member or other appropriate supervisor at all times)

Activity Preparation and Implementation (The student will be directly supervised by an Up To 3 staff member or other appropriate supervisor at all times)

Training Times


Program Supervisor

Sue Olsen
(435) 797-7461

Program Coordinator

Marla Nef, Clinician
(435) 797-2043
*Contact Marla Nef to schedule hours.

Possible Students

All disciplines