Interdisciplinary Disability Awareness and Communit-Engaged  Learning

The Interdisciplinary Disability Awareness and Community-Engaged Learning (IDACEL) Program offers opportunities for students from a variety of disciplines to increase their awareness, knowledge, and understanding of people with disabilities and their families across the life span. Taking advantage of this program will broaden a student's experience and promote interaction with individuals with disabilities. IDACEL gives opportunities to use a student's growing expertise to benefit individuals with a variety of disabilities from birth to seniors.

IDACEL Program Components

1. Didactic

People with disabilities, in addition to faculty and professionals from a variety of disciplines, conduct a series of interactive seminars and presentations (Fridays, 1:00 - 3:50 PM). These seminars use a collaborative, solution-focused approach in resolving the real issues faced by individuals with disabilities and their families in achieving full community participation.

2. Community-Enaged Learning

All students participate in a wide range of community-engaged learning activities that provide examples of interdisciplinary community-based and family-centered services. Students will participate in a minimum of 5 hours at each of the following sites. Ten additional hours are required that can be at any of the sites listed below (or a combination of sites) OR additional sites and activities are available with the instructor's prior approval. A total of 40 hours of community-engaged learning is required for the 2-3 credit option.


The IDACEL Program is one semester. Each student will be expected to attend all seminars (Fridays, 1:00 - 3:50 PM) and complete assignments. You can register for 1-3 credit hours (SPED 6500).

Time Commitments

Students may participate in the IDACEL Program at one of three levels: Regardless of what level, students will attend all course seminars and complete assignments. All students focus on disability-related knowledge and awareness with an interdisciplinary emphasis.

  1. Orientation/Awareness: One credit option available.
  2. Intermediate/Skill Development: Two to three credit option available. Students at this level will complete approximtely 80 hours of classroom and community-engaged learning at a variety of community sites.