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Center for Persons with Disabilities
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The Utah Assistive Technology Lab (AT Lab) opened in 1993, and by 1994 was fully developed as a comprehensive laboratory to train students and professionals in the fabrication and modification of assistive technology products. The AT Lab is located on the campus of Utah State University in the Janet Quinney Lawson Building. The mission of the AT Lab is to provide AT services and products in coordination with the Utah Assistive Technology Program (UATP).

Assistive Technology is any device or product that allows an individual to live more independently. Examples include, but are not limited to:

In addition to developing prototype devices, the AT Lab facilitates adaptations or modifications of existing assistive technology that will make the devices more useful for the individuals' physical and environmental needs. The major components of the AT Lab include a fabrication and modification workshop, a fully adapted computer lab, and a training and evaluation center.

In addition to statewide training, the AT Lab provides on-campus training for students in many departments, including:

Students have the opportunity to learn about ergonomics, environmental controls, augmentative and alternative communication, seating and positioning, mobility issues, design and fabrication, etc. For most students, their initial exposure to the AT Lab comes through undergraduate coursework that requires fabrication of several low cost, low-tech devices, as described in the AT Lab Manual. Following the initial exposure, students develop devices based on consumer needs that are presented to AT Lab staff.

The AT Lab staff and university students provide services and training to agencies such as the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, Division of Services for People with Disabilities, Independent Living Centers, Cache Employment and Training Center, Bear River Activity and Skill Center, local nursing home facilities, and northern Utah and southern Idaho school districts.

Other components of the Utah Assistive Technology Program include: AgrAbility, AT Access Centers located in rural independent living centers, Utah Assistive Technology Foundation, etc.

For more information, please visit the UATP website at http://www.uatpat.org/

Population Served

All age groups, from infant through the elderly

Training Activities

Training Times

Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Training Coordinator

Sachin Pavithran
(435) 797-6572

UATP Technician

Dan O'Crowley
(435) 797-0699

Contact Dan O'Crowley to schedule hours.

Possible Students

All disciplines involved in improving independence for people with disabilities